Vital Signs

We believe that these four activities are vital for a strong, growing faith:

Worship: Adoration of the risen Christ

Instruction: A deepening knowledge of God

Fellowship: Meaningful relationships with others

Expression: Opportunities to compassionately serve others

What We believe:

  • that GOD created all things to exist harmoniously
  • that human sinfulness has created a chasm between what creation is and what it should be. In this current state, all of creation groans under the weight of brokenness, loneliness, illness, and instability.
  • that, throughout human history, it has been God’s passion to bridge the chasm and heal the brokenness currently plaguing humanity and all of creation, and God has constantly reached out to humanity through Scripture, prophetic voices, personal experience, and His Spirit.
  • that in JESUS CHRIST we see God’s boldest and most intimate expression of grace and love for humankind and all of creation. We believe Jesus Christ to be the incarnation of God – that at a certain point in history, God chose to put on flesh and walk among us, and that, by believing in Him and actively following in His footsteps, we may experience life on another level – life as God intended.
  • that God continues to participate in human history through the powerful presence of the HOLY SPIRIT, which anoints those who receive it with the power to do extraordinary things. The Holy Spirit also draws communities of believers closer together, motivating ordinary individuals to remove the dividing barriers by serving one another.
  • that followers of Christ form a universal community known as the CHURCH – or the “Body of Christ. This image has been tarnished by selfishness and greed, but we believe the purpose still remains – the Body of Christ exists to embody the ideals which Jesus demonstrated: love, grace, courage, and sacrifice.

Further, We believe:

  • that the BIBLE is God’s guidebook for purposeful, abundant living.  It is also the final authority in matters of faith and practice.
  • that God invites all people to receive eternal life and a place in the Kingdom of God, but only those who accept the invitation; who believe in Him and His words; who enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ; and who become children of God through faith in Jesus will enter into God’s Kingdom.